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    Thank you
    Timberwolves Families!


    It was so great seeing everyone at our Back to Hockey event! I know everyone is wondering who won the numerous raffles so here you go. 

    REGISTRATION FEE RAFFLE (one winner per level)

    Squirt:   Ewen
    PeeWee:   Ewen
    Bantam:   Baer
    Midget:   Schane

    Guess How Many Winner

    Hunter Ghinazzi

    raffle baskets

    Movie Night: Latis
    Game Night: Kittivat
    Spirit Wear: Memtsas
    Hockey #1: Warren
    Hockey #2: Bailey
    Hockey #3: Laubach
    Scooter: Latis
    Lottery Tickets: Ewen
    Nerf Guns: Wu
    Pink Whitney: Laubach
    Wine Night: Ginter
    Alcohol Shots: Warren
    Spa: Warren
    Yoga: Baer
    Breast Cancer: Alicz
    Harley Davidson: Ginter
    Bath & Body Works: Warren

    Congratulations to all our winners!